Commercial Real Estate

With drones becoming a key component in Commercial Real Estate Marketing, there is no better time to have an aerial assistant for your business than right now. Realtors have revealed that their selling success rate dramatically shot up to 68% with aerial photographs. If you're still relying on ground photos of your listed properties, here's all that you're leaving on the table: 

Providing the prospective buyers dynamic visuals and accurate magnitude of the property including entry points, parking lot size, roof information, and everything around the property. 

Highlighting the desired property features, and saving time and effort on multiple site visits. 

Staying ahead of the competition. 


Safety - Drones can drastically improve safety on construction sites, avoiding the risks of dangerous inspections and assessments. Instead, use a drone before sending an employee to inspect the site.

Save time - In the construction industry, time is of the essence, and project deadlines are tight. Delays are almost inevitable, but implementing drones in your construction sites can help you avoid them. We can get acquisition of data that is 10x more efficient and streamlined than ever before, saving you money and time starting today. 

Cut costs - Instead of hiring numerous contractors for weeks on end, you can start using drones for inspections. In the right industry and inspection, drones can save thousands of dollars. For example, a 3000-acre lot can be surveyed at a fraction of the cost of manual on-ground inspection, and the turnaround time would be much faster.

Drones on a construction site 

Progress monitoring  
Drones can monitor the progress of construction projects, providing accurate and up-to-date information about the status of the work, which can identify potential delays and provide early warning of potential issues.

Measurements, volumetric measurements, and reports 
 Drones can calculate the volume of stockpiles, excavation sites, and other areas, providing accurate measurements for material ordering, cost estimating, and progress tracking. Also, drones can document the progress of construction projects, providing an accurate record of the completed work, which can verify compliance with building codes and ensure that construction is completed according to the original plans.

 Stockpile measurement and management  
Drones can measure the volume of stockpiles of materials such as sand, gravel, and dirt, which can help ensure that the correct amount of materials are ordered and on-site which will your improve inventory management.

We utilize LIDAR technology to analyze forest lands with dense forestry, as well as for pre-construction surveys, in-progress construction, and post-construction analysis. LIDAR is an incredibly powerful tool that allows us to capture detailed information about terrain and vegetation, and provides valuable insights into potential hazards and risks.

No matter what your specific needs are, we can help you find the perfect solution to suit your requirements. And the best part? We offer consultations completely free of charge, so you can get started right away. Don't hesitate to reach out to us today to find out how we can help you.

Drone applications in the construction industry:
Topographic maps - Drones use photogrammetry techniques to capture highly detailed images of an area and create accurate topographic maps, showing the elevation, shape, and features of the terrain, including buildings, roads, and other infrastructure. They can cover large areas quickly and efficiently, providing detailed information about even the most remote locations.

3D models 
Perfect for engineering teams who need to review schematics for design purposes or visualize project planning. These digital twins are created with precision and accuracy, allowing for a detailed examination of every aspect of the project.

 Orthomosaic Maps
 is an incredible tool that can capture multiple acres of land in a single image. This technology provides a comprehensive view of the land, allowing users to easily examine every detail of the area in a single, highly-detailed Orthmosaic photograph.

Terrain mapping
Drones can create topographic contour maps by capturing high-resolution images of the terrain and using specialized software to create a map that shows the elevation of the land, allowing users to visualize the shape and slope of the terrain.

UAV Attachments  
Thermal/multispectral cameras and LIDAR attachments - Thermal and multispectral camera drones use specialized cameras and sensors to capture images and data in different spectral bands, providing detailed information about the temperature and composition of an area. They can detect infrared radiation emitted by objects, providing detailed information about the temperature of the terrain, which can be used to identify potential issues such as leaks or insulation problems. Additionally, they can capture images in multiple spectral bands

The better way to gain a more comprehensive understanding of infrastructure, land, construction sites, and more is through our drone services. We strategically plan and scale your operations faster, leveraging the power of drones to provide real-time data and critical insights. Let us help you make informed decisions and achieve your business objectives with our tailored drone solutions.


Transform the way you acquire information and streamline your equipment data collection process with the use of drones. By incorporating drone inspections, you can speed up the process, reduce costs and significantly minimize the risk of human error by eliminating the need for manual inspection. Utilizing drones for wind turbine inspections means less boots on the ground and safer, more efficient operations. Upgrade to drone inspections today and revolutionize the way you approach wind turbine maintenance.

Benefits of drones for your wind turbine and wind farms    

Increase Safety 

Wind energy workers have some of the toughest and most dangerous jobs in the energy industry. However, with the use of drones on site, there is no need for workers to climb the turbines for data acquisition. This eliminates the significant safety risk of falls and increases worker safety. When utilizing drones for inspections, you can save valuable time and energy, allowing you to focus on more important tasks such as data analysis. 

We capture high-resolution imagery at 4K or greater resolution, which allows us to easily detect any damaged areas in turbines. In addition, we can use thermal imagery to identify hot spots and address defective issues before they worsen, helping you avoid costly interruptions. 

Advanced surveying

At Droneway, we focus and specialize in using advanced drone cameras, including multispectral and thermal cameras, as well as superior zoom technology (such as a Matrice 300), to access hard-to-reach areas. Furthermore, we have a range of attachments available, such as LiDAR, which can be used for blade inspection and further analysis, including calculations of wind speed. 

Fast turnaround times                   

Traditional methods for obtaining structural insights can be time-consuming, expensive, and dangerous. By hiring a drone pilot from us, you can receive valuable data analysis and insights within just 24 hours of the initial flight, making it a much less time-consuming and more cost-effective solution. 

Greatly reduce costs all year round 

By conducting precise inspections to check for component damage, you can potentially save thousands of dollars by identifying defective parts before they go out of warranty. Our aerial inspections use high-resolution imagery to detect any damage, ensuring that every defective part is identified accurately. We offer a wide range of inspections and analyses, including wind blade, rotor, nacelle, and gearbox inspections, tailored to your specific needs. 


Drones offer unmatched data for the solar industry, providing various benefits such as creating 3D renderings for design purposes and using thermal cameras for infrared vision to measure PV and to inspect for a damages assessment. 

drones can be used for photography inspections to assess any damages or maintenance tasks required for solar panels. They can also help find the best yield of sun direction for pre-construction purposes or adjustments of solar panel installations, and even create PV system designs using 3D renderings for commercial or residential projects, great for designers and engineers!

UAVS with basic 4K quality cameras can provide more abundant analysis of homes for PV installations than anything else you could do on the ground. Whether it's for a ground mount, commercial site, or residential installation, we can do it all.

Our services include 3D modeling of commercial and residential sites, photogrammetry for land surveying, and specialized cameras for more in-depth analysis into PV system specifics such as best locations for sun exposure and system inspections. We also provide affordable regular 4K camera footage and video for insightful information on structures and trees around homes and close-ups of roofs and shingles to determine the best panel placement residential inspections. 

Get in touch with us today to discuss your unique needs and discover the efficient and custom solutions we can provide to your company!

Cinematography, Event- Shoot and Marketing

Aerial camera movement adds a sense of forward momentum, pace & energy, and allows the viewer to participate in the story. It elevates the footage and keeps the viewers immersed and engaged. If you wish to reach your audience with the best work, DroneWay will seamlessly provide aerial footage edited or non-edited versions. We work with your budget and goals, let us know today how we can help.

Do you need a wedding or other event filmed? Contact us today and we will provide that service with the best fit pilot we have for the job. Just let us know your preferences and ideas and we'll handle the rest.

Residential Real Estate

Real Estate photographers usually have a drone or hire a drone pilot to shoot high-resolution marketing videos for the buyers. Due to the rise of residential real estate marketing on social media, almost 90% of listings these days include aerial photos and videos. 

It is a highly competitive marketplace and aerial is necessary if you want to maximize success with your listings. At DroneWay, we work with real estate agents to make sure they get exactly what they want. 

Simply give us details about your property and we will find you the right pilot and tailor everything to your style preferences. 

Aerial Inspection

Our specialized pilots can assist you in capturing high-resolution videos and images in the most difficult-to-access locations. For many industries, drones effortlessly target damaged structures and properties. Drones are necessary to facilitate a thorough inspection. An Inspection with a UAV device can help save insurance companies thousands of dollars and in many more industries. Whether it’s a small home or an entire solar windfarm, the camera vantage point is unmatched.

To request services for an in-depth inspection of damage or a regular survey, please send us your project details and we'll find you the perfect drone pilot.